Tickets 4 Stock Show and Rodeo

2020 Stock Show and Rodeo Schedule

Thursday 2/6/2020 Cody Johnson
Friday 2/7/2020 Sammy Hagar and the Circle
Saturday 2/8/2020 1pm Carly Pearce and Michael Ray
Saturday 2/8/2020 7pm Dustin Lynch
Sunday 2/9/2020 1pm Aaron Watson
Sunday 2/9/2020 7pm Jon Pardi
Monday 2/10/2020 Chris Young
Tuesday 2/11/2020 Lauren Alaina
Wednesday 2/12/2020 Colter Wall
Thursday 2/13/2020 Becky G
Friday 2/14/2020 ZZ Top
Saturday 2/15/2020 1pm Keith Urban
Saturday 2/15/2020 7pm Keith Urban
Sunday 2/16/2020 1pm Darci Lynne
Sunday 2/16/2020 7pm Banda Los Sebastianes
Monday 2/17/2020 Morgan Wallen
Tuesday 2/18/2020 Dierks Bentley
Wednesday 2/19/2020 Bush
Thursday 2/20/2020 Midland
Friday 2/21/2020 Brad Paisley
Saturday 2/22/2020 1pm Whiskey Myers with Xtreme Bulls
Saturday 2/22/2020 7pm KC and the Sunshine Band with PRCA Rodeo Finals



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  • Stock Show
  • Bull Riding
  • Barrel Racing
  • Steer Wrestling

SA Stock and Rodeo Tickets

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Tickets are now offering more entertainment than ever for cowboys, cowgirls, and just plain folks. The San Antonio Rodeo is approaching 60 years of fun and gets bigger every year. Covering almost three weeks in February, the San Antonio Stock and Rodeo show has grown to welcome more than 1 million visitors a year.

Rodeo fans come to see the best in the business at what many consider the top rodeo on the circuit. Country music fans flock to the AT & T Center to see an unmatched array of Country and Western Singers that perform nightly over the course of the event. The Livestock Show is where owners display the animals they’ve worked all year to raise, with entries coming from all over the country. And for the family, San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo tickets offer a full slate of carnival rides and games.

For you rodeo purists you won’t find a better opportunity to see your favorite rodeo hero. The lineup includes Steer Wrestling, Bareback Riding, Team Roping, Tie Down Roping, Barrel Racing, and of course, Bull Riding.

So put on your gear and head for Texas in February with San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo tickets. Plan on staying awhile though, because once you’re there, the Texas sized fun and games will keep you exploring the San Antonio Rodeo for weeks.

Stock Show

The San Antonio Stock and Rodeo Show is an amazing festival. But what many people don’t realize is that the Livestock Show is a serious competition. Throughout the year, prize animals are handled with care, pampered and fawned over, with the hopes of taking home that Blue Ribbon from the San Antonio Livestock Show.

The entries for this competition cover the entire spectrum of livestock and poultry. Animals are judged by their representation of the ideal animal. In the San Antonio Livestock Show only the best will make the cut.

Entries in the Livestock portion include Swine, Sheep and Goat, Junior Market Steers, Market Lambs, Market Goats, and Open and Junior Breeding Cattle as well as several types of horse competition. There are several different categories of animals, so you really need to know your stuff at The San Antonio Livestock Show. For example, cattle are divided into Dairy Cattle, Open Beef Cattle separated into categories of Brahman and Brangus, and a few other categories of specialized breeds. There are also distinct categories for Swine and Goats.

While it can all get very complicated it all boils down to one thing. The San Antonio Livestock Show is one of the biggest livestock competitions of the year and the winners take home not only the pride of being the best but in the Junior Divisions, agricultural scholarships are awarded that can total thousands of dollars. There’s also the Livestock Auction, in which the top winners can reap over $100,000 for the prize animal.

So if you’re ready to get serious about livestock, or just looking for something a little different, try the Livestock Show at the San Antonio Rodeo. But watch out, you might get hooked.

Bull Riding Tickets

Bull Riding is eight seconds of fury at the San Antonio Rodeo. A ticket to this event is what packing up and heading for San Antonio in February is all about. Bull Riding is exciting, dangerous, and separates the men from the boys. Here’s what happens.

Bull Riding Basics

Here’s how Bull Riding works at the San Antonio Rodeo. The best bulls are placed in a group and given unique identification. A lottery system is used to pair up each bull with a rider. In most rodeos, the competition takes place over the course of a few days, allowing each rider to compete on a different bull.

Before the ride the animal is placed in a tightly enclosed chute. The rider mounts the back of the bull and places a harness, called a Bull Rope, around the neck of the animal. Each rider has his own preference in the design of the rope and it’s components but it basically consists of a rope with a handle for the rider to grip with one hand.

The gate open on a signal and the bull literally erupts from the chute, jumping and bucking in an attempt to throw the rider. The rider must remain on the back of the bull for eight seconds. But there’s an element of style to Bull Riding.

Scoring for Bull Riding is separated between the rider and the Bull. The rider is judged on how well he controls the animal and himself. If he can follow the rhythm and maintain good balance he’ll do well. However, if he appears to be barely hanging on and not in sync with the bull, the point total will be lower. Also, if the rider touches the bull with his free hand, points are deducted. The animal is judged on its ferocity, the height of the leaps and forward dips, and agility. The combination of the two scores equals the total points scored for the pair.

If you’re planning on San Antonio Rodeo tickets don’t miss out on the Bull Riding Competition. This most famous of events is unparalleled in any other sport and one of the earliest forms of rodeo competition. Bull Riding is a must-see at the San Antonio Rodeo.

Barrel Racing

For the ladies, The Barrel Racing that comes with San Antonio Rodeo tickets is their time to shine. This event is strictly for women. It offers a delicate balance of speed, skill, and strategy, each element coming into play at some point in the Barrel Racing Competition.

Barrel Racing Basics

Three barrels are placed in a triangle. The idea is to race around each barrel as quickly as possible. And winning is based on total time. At the start signal the rider heads for the farthest barrel, circles it completely and heads for the second barrel. After completing a complete 360 around the second barrel, the riders must again completely circle the third barrel before heading for the finish line and an electronically timed result.

Barrel Racing Strategy

To win riders must asses their own talents and the unique character of their mount. Does the horse circle more quickly in a left turn or a right turn? Since riders are allowed to choose which side the turn around the first barrel occurs, they can improve their time if the know their horse. Riders also need to be aware of how quickly their horse can turn. Circling too widely costs time, but if a barrel is knocked over, you can forget winning. In some cases the lady riders are also restricted to a dress code and the cost of losing a hat can result in a monetary fine.

If you don’t think ladies can ride as well as men, your San Antonio Rodeo tickets will deliver a little surprise. These gals are every bit as talented and determined as the men and just one look at the Barrel Racing competition in San Antonio will change your perspective.

Steer Wrestling

OK folks, this is one tough event and at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Steer Wrestling is always one of the top rodeo tickets. The Steer Wrestler has to be one of the top athletes in the country, putting both life and limb on the line every time they open the chute. Not familiar with Steer Wrestling? Let us give you a quick rundown. By the way, this event is also known by the term ‘Bulldogging” so don’t get confused.

Basically Steer Wrestling is a physical matchup between a steer and a rider. The steer is given a short lead by way of a rope attached to its neck. When the steer is released from the chute the rope then opens the gate for the rider. Another rider called a hazer runs parallel to the steer to ensure a straight line run. As the rider approaches the running steer he leans over and grabs the steer by the horns! Using his body weight he forces the steer’s neck over. At this time the rider is actually coming off his horse and using his body weight begins to dig in his heels to force the steer to slow down. The wrestler then grabs the steer by the nose and attempts to flip it over on its back. Only when all four feet are off the ground is the official time noted.

Talk about action! Small wonder Steer Wrestling is one of the top attractions of San Antonio Rodeo tickets. It’s something you’ll just have to see to believe, but we can assure you, once you’ve seen it live you’ll never forget Steer Wrestling at the San Antonio Rodeo. 

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